I write about all areas of marketing and selling, and especially with an academic or strategic angle

Hello, I’m Keryn

I enjoy creating marketing anecdotes and visuals related to my horse as there is a lot to be learned from animals, and this provides a unique context to my writing. My horse Slick (aka Sports Express) has been with me for many years and is a source of inspiration and relaxation for my strategic mind. He lives on a friend’s farm in KZN and I see him twice a week.

I use my Twitter feed to post daily marketing quotes and my LinkedIn to share articles relevant to my area of expertise and build networks.

Strategic marketing: Cakes, oranges and ladders

Strategic marketing: Cakes, oranges and ladders

​What do cakes, oranges and ladders have to do with marketing? Perhaps it’s my background in education, but they are great teaching tools! These three items are practical analogies I like to use in explaining 3 important marketing concepts. Sometimes, you just need a...

3 discount dangers for premium brands

3 discount dangers for premium brands

 In a tough economy, it is tempting to discount to secure new business.  Demanding customers will go from door to door, just haggling for the best deal. Before you start down that slippery path, consider the options. Especially if you are positioning your organisation...

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