I write about all areas of marketing and selling, and especially with an academic or strategic angle

Hello, I’m Keryn

I enjoy creating marketing anecdotes and visuals related to my horse as there is a lot to be learned from animals, and this provides a unique context to my writing. My horse Slick (aka Sports Express) has been with me for many years and is a source of inspiration and relaxation for my strategic mind. He lives on a friend’s farm in KZN and I see him twice a week.

I use my Twitter feed to post daily marketing quotes and my LinkedIn to share articles relevant to my area of expertise and build networks.

How I got here

How I got here

When I'm asked to introduce myself, I usually leave out the gritty bits, and just roll out the pretty stuff. But without the hard parts, I wouldn't be running my own business today.   My roots are in education   My mom was a talented salesperson. Having...

Let's Work Together

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