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When I talk to people, there’s often a misunderstanding of what market research is.

And I’ve come across my fair share of people who intensely dislike market research. 


Why is market research so misunderstood?


I think it’s survey fatigue.

This is due to the unfortunate tendency to survey everything and everyone all the time, exacerbated by automated platforms and call centres that make data collection easy and cost-effective for the brand – And to make it worse, there’s minimal consideration for the end customer receiving a barrage of requests for a comment, a score, a ranking, an answer to a question again and again about the experience, even when there is no relationship, nor any effort to add value. 

In my opinion, this is NOT market research. 

It is only ONE method or technique of market research.

And this one type of market research, the survey, is definitely not ideal for all situations, organisations and target markets. It will meet certain objectives, but not others. 

You get good surveys and bad surveys, but surveys are not the only form of market research available. In some cases, they’re just not adequate.

But because of the negative experiences from this constant tick-box type of surveying, there is a perception that:

  • Market research = surveys
  • And surveys = mindless questioning with minimal value to the customer

Do you see the problem?

This is what has become the general understanding of what comprises market research.

Let’s try and find the value.


Get to see what works, and what does NOT work in schools


In my next blog post in this series, I will share some of my personal learnings on market research and specifically on working in a school environment to develop research-based marketing strategy.

In the meantime, take a look at my website and connect on LinkedIn

I recently wrote a post on LinkedIn about surveys from a review/ feedback perspective after my sister and brother-in-law had a bad experience with local bnb accommodation. This is when the value of good market research becomes really valuable to the customer and the brand. Follow the link here to find the post.

Good market research provides you with an unbiased view, the insight and intelligence to help you:

  • Prevent small problems
  • Make informed decisions
  • And create unanticipated delight for customers

This frees you up to focus on the bigger issues that need your attention in your school, and to then be able to identify the growth opportunities that arise!

Contact me for more information on market research and marketing strategy for independent schools via my website on the Contact page. I have a free download of a School Marketing Strategy Cheat Sheet on my website as well as a free 15-minute online call to see if I can help.



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