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Today is the final episode of this series! I do hope you have enjoyed meeting each of the dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, while learning about the Marketing Mix.


Where were we?


In the previous episode, we met Dopey, who is very clumsy but endearing. In the diamond mine where he works with the rest of the team, he has one of the simplest jobs, but still makes mistakes.

If you missed the start of the series and the context of the story, you can find Episode 1 here.

Today, we meet Sneezy and find out why I chose him to illustrate the last of the seven Ps.


Episode 7 – Physical Evidence


“Flowers! Look, golden ones!” exclaims Sleepy, when the seven dwarfs arrive back to their mysteriously clean little home in the forest after their workday at the diamond mine. It was a mystery to them. Who had picked the flowers?

Of course, Snow White was asleep upstairs, having run away from the huntsman who had threatened to kill her. On stumbling across the empty house, she had cooked and cleaned and decorated before collapsing over three of their tiny beds.

“My nose, my hay fever, you know I can’t stand it!” says Sneezy, followed by an enormous sneeze that threatens to awaken the sleeping Snow White.

Sneezy’s huge sneezes are not only noisy, they physically throw everyone around the room, shooting Dopey up into the rafters at one point in the movie!


Image source: Walt Disney


Physical Evidence in the 7Ps is the proof that an organisation is what it says it is. It can be seen and felt. Like Sneezy’s sneezes, it also has a huge impact on marketing.

Today, most customers don’t trust advertising messages. But they do trust physical evidence, therefore physical evidence creates authenticity for a school.

Examples of physical evidence are:

  • the school’s heritage
  • your staff’s and students’ achievements
  • branding
  • facilities
  • testimonials of happy parents and staff
  • strong alumni
  • conforming to professional quality standards


What can you do to apply the learnings on Physical Evidence?


Here are some practical steps to take:

  1. Conduct an audit on your physical evidence, using the list above as a guide. This can be done as a fun teambuilding effort in a full-day workshop.
  2. Compare the results of the audit to your market positioning and align your messaging accordingly for your target market.
  3. Call for testimonials and reviews from parents, students, staff and alumni. Often people just want to be asked. Make it easy for them to respond.
  4. Use this proof in your marketing across all platforms, especially the evidence from satisfied parents, staff and students as this will help to grow and retain your customers.

Sneezy could not help but demonstrate physical evidence of his hay fever. Are you demonstrating your school’s physical evidence to your target market?

If you need help on the audit, contact me. I do online consulting, workshops and projects in market research and marketing strategy for independent schools.

Each of these seven Ps are covered in some detail in the book ‘A Guide to Effective School Marketing’ which is available for order on the ISASA website on this link.

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