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​We are past the halfway point in our series on Snow White and the Seven Ps – A lighthearted look at the Marketing Mix (the Seven Ps of Marketing).

To read up on the introduction to the series, look at the first episode here.


Where were we?


So far we have met Doc (Product), Grumpy (Price) and Happy (Promotion).

Today we learn about the fouth element, and we continue with our story, as Snow White settles into the home of the Seven Dwarfs in the forest after running away from the huntsman intent on killing her.


Episode 4 – Place


“Gosh, our cobwebs are missing!”

I just love the scene in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when the dwarfs arrive home after dark from working in the diamond mine.

They are shocked to discover that their little home in the forest has been thoroughly cleaned.


Image source: Walt Disney


“My cup’s been washed!” says Sleepy.

And Sleepy is my choice for the dwarf who represents Place in the 7Ps of Marketing, because he enjoys the comfort of being in an environment that makes him feel as though he belongs.

We are attracted to places that appeal to our values, our wellbeing. We expect a brand to be consistent across all of the Places where we experience that brand.

Place actually refers to wherever your offering is provided, not only your main facility or head office. It essentially means product distribution. In today’s environment, Place includes all online sales.

For example, if you offer online admissions, then your website is one of your school’s ‘Places’. If you exhibit and sell at a Boarding School Expo and have a listing on their website, then the Expo event and its website are two of your school’s ‘Places’.


What can you do to apply these learnings about Place?


A review of your own organisation’s ‘Place’ can spark innovation and opportunity. This can be done in a workshop.

  1. Consider your ideal client’s route/ journey. Can you interface via one of your ‘Places’? If you have a chain of schools, your Place includes all outlets. So, imagine what impact this has on brand and customer experience. And the importance of consistency of ethos and standards for online and physical facilities.
  2. All the physical signage, online maps, security procedures, arrival and reception areas represent your ‘place’. Have you looked at these through the eyes of a prospective new customer? Can they find their way around easily or is it a frustrating experience?
  3. Analyse your Place. What does it comprise of? How welcome do visitors feel? What can you do to enhance your Place?

Sleepy represents Place because when you feel that you belong in a place, you feel welcome and safe, you can find peace there. There is no confusion or fear. You feel included, and you want to return.


What’s next?


We have now covered four of the dwarfs. Three more to go!

Did you know that the 4Ps were only updated to the 7Ps in 1981? The additional three Ps are more applicable to service businesses, but since every business today includes some sort of service, these three other Ps are super important too.

Each of the Seven Ps of Marketing are covered in some detail in my book available on this link.



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