We are nearing the end of this seven-day series on the Marketing Mix. It’s been fun getting to know the personalities of each of the dwarfs in the classic tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!


Where were we?


Our story has taken us through five of the seven Ps and introduced us to five of the seven dwarfs: Doc (Product), Grumpy (Price), Happy (Promotion), Sleepy (Place) and Bashful (People).

Read up on these and the context for the series by clicking through to the first episode here.

Today, it is time to meet one of my favourite of the seven…


Episode 6 – Process


When the 1937 Disney animated movie of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs first reveals the dwarfs, they are in a diamond mine in the forest. They are working away, chipping and sorting and singing.


Image source: Walt Disney


Dopey is youngest and clearly the joker, messing around with the diamonds as Doc is inspecting each one. Dopey quickly shows himself to be clumsy, forgetful and accident-prone. He also does not speak at all.

I chose Dopey to represent Process in the 7Ps of Marketing, because Processes are unspoken systems.

They exist in our organisation and can create order from chaos, and professionalism from frustration. But often they are informal and unclear.


What can you do to apply the learnings about Process?


Here are some practical steps you can take:

  1. Have you mapped out the processes in your Marketing & Admissions Department? – Admissions process – Content management process – Customer relationship management process – etc. By mapping these out, improvements in processes, service innovations, technology opportunities and cost savings can be identified. It makes for a great workshop.
  2. You can also benchmark your marketing activities with other schools using independent research as a short project. This helps to identify opportunities and stimulates new ideas.
  3. Automation is a growing trend, but it’s best to automate with your ideal client in mind, based on market research.

Dopey existed within a system of processes that the other dwarfs ran very well. Everything worked.

Snow White’s arrival disrupted their process, but they were able to adjust and embrace the change!

If you want to know more, I offer consulting services in the area of market research and marketing strategy, structures and processes – Both face to face and online. Email me on keryn@housewayconsulting.co.za for information. I’d love to help!



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