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​As I write this, we are on Day 33 of our lockdown in South Africa for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Yes, I’m stuck at home! – With no clear end in sight.


Both personally and professionally, it’s been a challenge for me.


I’ve chosen to look for the good in this situation, even though we’ve had one of the strictest lockdowns in the world, and I struggled at first to find some sort of balance.


My faith and the heart of our South African people have been my two main sources of inspiration, with help for our most vulnerable coming from every quarter, along with a renewed spirit of hope for our beautiful nation. I even have a flag hanging outside my home, to mark this important time for our country.


The South African flag outside my home


One of the highlights of the lockdown was a 22-part series I recorded on Zoom with my sister, Leanne Hunt, who is a published author and blogger. One of her most popular books is What Every Blind Person Needs YOU To Know. Leanne has lived with a visual impairment for most of her life.


During this series, Leanne provides a personal viewpoint from day-to-day over the lockdown period and illustrates this with practical insight and tips for this period. She shares her story in a conversation with me, and together we travel on an inspiring journey in real-time.


You can watch the full series for free on my YouTube channel here.



The topics that we cover include:

  • Tapping into your strengths
  • Finding balance
  • Redefining priorities
  • Practising gratitude
  • Dealing with disappointment along the way
  • Ten years from now


I found it a truly valuable time spent daily filming each of the 10-minute videos, day after day of our initial lockdown.


Leanne is my elder sister by two years. As teenagers, we were quite different personalities, often bumping heads along the way!


We went our separate ways as young adults, only finding true friendship after the loss of our parents ten years ago. So, as we cover each of these topics, I find myself learning more about Leanne each day as well. One of the truly precious memories from this lockdown period.


Let me know in the comments which episode you found the most valuable for you!


Click here for the link to the series.


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