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Marketing theory can be boring.

I created this little story based on the classic Walt Disney tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to illustrate the lighter side of marketing strategy. After publishing it on LinkedIn to a positive response, I decided to also share it in my blog as a series. I hope you enjoy it!


First, some context


Back in 1960, a marketing professor named Edmund Jerome McCarthy created the 4Ps marketing mix for marketing decision-making. He published it in the book Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach. This book became one of the top textbooks for marketing studies at a university level.

Twenty years later, the 7Ps model was developed by Booms and Bitner, also called the Extended Marketing Mix, in line with the shift from product to services marketing.

I have allocated each of the seven dwarves a P of his own, based on his personal attributes. See if this helps you to remember this model and apply it to your own organisation.


Episode 1 – Doc


Our story begins…

Once upon a time, there lived a lovely princess named Snow White. Her vain and wicked stepmother wanted her dead, so she ran away and was guided to the home of the seven dwarfs by the forest animals.

Our focus for today is Doc, the leader of the seven dwarfs. Without Doc, the other dwarfs flounder and are sure to fail.


Marketing Mix Strategy Series - Product (Doc)

Image source: Walt Disney


In terms of the 7Ps of marketing, I have chosen Doc to be the Product (or Service)

This is because without your product/ service offering, the other 6 elements will not work. Doc is unique. He takes charge, he wears eyeglasses and he often mixes up his words in his enthusiasm. But the they look to him for guidance. He has good leadership qualities, which can be seen when he persuades his reluctant team of dwarves to wash up before dinner per Snow White’s request – something they normally would never have done.

Your product needs to be differentiated from others’ products. It should stand out, be distinguishable.


What can you do to apply this learning on Product?


Start by researching what your ideal client likes/ dislikes about your offering and what they would like to see. Then refine, clarify and communicate your product to the market. Use your unique offering to distinguish your brand.

When the evil witch poisons Snow White with the apple by tricking her with her own romantic dreams, the 7 dwarfs fight for her.

Under Doc’s leadership, they are determined to do away with the threat once and for all. And they succeed!

Click here for the second in this seven-day series to find out about the next of the dwarfs. If you want to know more detail on the Marketing Mix as applied to school marketing, please have a look at this link to order my book ‘A Guide to Effective School Marketing’ published by ISASA.