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Don’t you just love a freebie that you can access when you need it?

Last week, I published a video to summarise these resources. You can click through to the video here, on the image below, or read further for the links to the individual video content.

I have divided the resources into three separate sections to help you to find what you need.


Video on free resources in school marketing strategy


My free cheatsheet on school marketing strategy


This is a 5-page free PDF worksheet that is a step by step process to get all the pieces in place for your marketing strategy. If you complete one of these, you can access the discounted rate for my 5-day coaching program on school marketing strategy.

All you need to do is send me an email via this website or a message on any of my social media platforms and I will get you the cheat sheet. I have had some good feedback on it, so don’t miss out!


Cheat sheet on school marketing strategy


Over 100 videos on school marketing strategy


I’ve been building my YouTube channel content and now have loads of playlists/series for you to access for free. The one that may interest you at the moment is ‘Insights for schools during the pandemic’. These are listed below. You can click on each one to go to the YouTube video:

  1. The age of imperfection
  2. Value versus discounts during the pandemic
  3. The extraordinary role of teachers during the pandemic
  4. Practical tips on managing anxiety for school marketers, admissions and heads of schools
  5. Remote learning in low-income households – How?
  6. Three tips for collaborating in education at this time
  7. How my education marketing business has been affected by the lockdown
  8. What to do about fearful customers? – 4 tips
  9. How do you combine remote teaching with in-contact teaching in your school?
  10. Market research for your school – Why, how and how much?
  11. We’re all fishing in the same pond – Are we?
  12. What are you doing to up your game?

There are other really useful series such as the 20 criteria parents use to choose independent schools for their children, the black swan series, types of social media posts and the challenges facing independent schools.


Free 15-minute calls


It sometimes just takes a quick chat to see if I can help you and your school, so I am happy to schedule a 15-minute free call on Zoom or another platform.

Simply contact me via my website contact form or go to my Houseway Consulting Facebook page to make contact. I’d love to see if I can assist you.

I would appreciate your feedback on any of these freebies.

And suggestions for more freebies, of course!


I'm Keryn House

I enjoy writing on my niche in marketing strategy for independent schools. I’m inspired by global trends driving change in this sector – from consumer trends to educational trends to market and macro trends.

I like to draw from my background in strategy across multiple sectors as well as my personal and professional journey to craft short conversational and topical pieces.

I hope you feel informed, inspired and supported as readers of this blog from wherever you are in the world. I encourage comments and suggestions on content. Please also connect with me on my social platforms.