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A new way of looking at World Teachers’ Day


Today we recognise all teachers around the world for the important work that they do. Every year, there are inspirational messages and memes to celebrate World Teachers’ Day, but this year I have seen something new. And I believe it is relevant to all marketers.

Here are two different case studies of organisations that are outside of the educational sector, yet they are stakeholders in the education environment, either as suppliers or influencers. We can learn from how they have chosen to approach this annual celebration in a different, yet meaningful way.


Nobel Prize World Teachers’ Day case study


Firstly, today happens to also be the day when the 2018 Nobel Prize is announced. As a part of their social media promotion, a video of teacher quotes was posted today on The Nobel Prize Facebook and Twitter platforms entitled: ‘Nobel Laureates on their Teachers’. The text reads: “We are celebrating all teachers on #WorldTeachersDay. Many Nobel Laureates have emphasised how important their teachers have been to their success. How has your teacher inspired you?” While celebrating World Teachers’ Day, The Nobel Prize is simultaneously promoting the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit 2018, an event held in October 2018 which builds on the ability of The Nobel Prize to inspire people to seek out knowledge for a better world.

This is a great example of how good content is planned, created and promoted timeously to make an emotional impact on a targeted audience for a specific outcome. In 12 hours there have been over 55,000 views on the Facebook post with 1,500 shares and 30,000 views on the Twitter post with 1,200 shares. Instead of simply celebrating the achievement of the winners, the campaign multiplies the impact by recognising those teachers who played a role in each of the prize winners’ lives for all time.


Google World Teachers’ Day case study


Secondly, Google flighted a video for World Teacher’s Day entitled ‘A Moment in Search’, that I came across on the school marketing Facebook Group School Growth Mastery! created by Enrollhand. As I am writing this blog, the one minute video has so far had 15 million views on YouTube since it was launched a month ago. Through this video, Google is cleverly promoting the benefits of its search facility as well as the work it does with educators. Links are provided to their site for more information, but only after stating: “For #teachers, there’s always more to learn. This #WorldTeachers Day, join us in celebrating all those whose life’s work is to instil a love for #learning in the next generation.” That’s an impressive marketing tactic which is clearly aligned to the Google For Education marketing strategy.


What this means for school marketing


In School Marketing, quality of teachers is fundamental for admissions and retention. Beyond all the bells and whistles, parents want good teachers for their children. This is why I believe these two examples from The Nobel Prize and Google on World Teachers’ Day are excellent case studies.

They also illustrate how important it is to plan your content. During the year, there are certain dates that:

  • Resonate with your specific target market
  • Align with your specific product or service offering

At the intersection of these two, identify, select and plan the campaign, and use social media platforms to reach the right people with your message.

On that note, I hope you have had a happy World Teachers’ Day!


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