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About Keryn House

I have an MBA from University of Wales and a Higher Diploma in Education from University of Kwazulu-Natal.

My experience covers a wide range of sectors including services, manufacturing, government, non-profit and independent schools.

The specific niche I have now developed for Houseway Consulting is in the area of School Marketing. This is based on ten years of marketing consulting and investment marketing in Johannesburg, followed by six years spent teaching and marketing in KZN while publishing the book ‘A Guide to Effective School Marketing’ through ISASA (Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa) available for order by visiting the ISASA website here.

The quality of my work is elevated because I combine my understanding of the independent schooling environment plus my passion for strategic marketing and practical implementation of marketing strategy.

What I believe makes my industry interesting is that every school and every organisation is unique. The marketing environment is complex and fast-changing. I am curious by nature and have a strategic mind. I love searching and finding that differentiator which positions the company in the customer’s mind and building on that through: Exploration, Collaboration and Growth.


I work with organisations needing independent research and strategic advice in marketing and sales, with a focus on growth.

Non-Profit Organisations & Independent Schools

I like to work with non-profit organisations or companies who are making a difference in their communities, who value corporate citizenship, education and sustainability. My experience is across multiple sectors of the economy, but I have a niche in independent school marketing, working with schools across South Africa.

How I Help my Clients

I provide independent consulting services on a project basis to companies across all areas of Marketing and Sales. This includes: Market research (qualitative and quantitative), workshops on marketing strategy and implementation (based on the ISASA publication), understanding your customer, communications (internal and external), digital marketing, brand messaging, public relations and customer service (internal and external).

Service Offerings

I offer three products:
Online consulting, strategic workshops and consulting projects.
Prices in South African Rand (ZAR) excluding VAT and travel expenses where applicable:

Online strategic marketing consultation

  • 60 minutes
  • 1-on-1 for help on your marketing strategy or market research
  • using the free Zoom platform (highly productive, no travel)
  • ZAR 2,190

Strategic marketing workshops

  • 1 full day
  • includes pre-workshop survey and written report
  • involves key stakeholders on site to brainstorm marketing strategy and tactics and get buy-in to the process
  • ZAR 15,490

Consulting projects

  • based on a customised proposal
  • starting from a mini-market assessment (on-site) with 15 parent and staff 1-on-1 interviews plus 3 project team meetings and a written report
  • starting at ZAR 74,900

Unique Approach

Holistic Approach

I provide strategic insight which is independent, but based on experience in a range of sectors, based on data which is largely soft data that tends to be too time-consuming for the larger corporate consulting companies to incorporate. I believe in starting with the qualitative approach first, engaging and collaborating with clients, as this leads to a more strategic view of the quantitative data to be analysed. I work alongside your team, complementing the marketing and management team, building capacity and trust in the process.

Focused on Growth

Growth is essential to any business. “If you are not growing, you are dying.” (Tony Robbins). What I do is focused on achieving growth and sustainability for the organisation.

Involving all Stakeholders

The difference is in the strategic approach combined with an understanding of the sector and a willingness to engage face-to-face with staff, customers and management to develop the best solution for that particular organisation.


Houseway Consulting started as a part-time interest in marketing and writing back in 2015 when I was approached to write a book on school marketing for ISASA, the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa.

Having a background in business and marketing and working part-time in schooling, with a goal of writing a book, it was an ideal opportunity. At the time, I realised I needed a company name and immediately realised Houseway Consulting was the only name I wanted. My mother’s name was Wendy Anita House, so the name is derived from our family name and her initials.

The legacy of both my father and mother continue to inspire me as they certainly gave me a firm foundation of values and life skills on which to build my future. Mom was an avid story-teller, writer and salesperson while dad was a scientist and business executive, constantly encouraging us to set and achieve goals.

After working on my dream part-time for three years, I finally established the business as a registered independent consulting company and dedicated myself full-time to the enterprise.

I have a range of strategic partners who are involved in various projects depending on the specific resources required. I try to use local expertise where possible, as the business has a national footprint.

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